Avacash.Finance is relaunching on March 31st🚀

Avacash.Finance was launched on September 10th 2021, being the first privacy focused DeFi platform on Avalanche blockchain, providing anonymity on finances, thing that is so important nowadays.

But now we are relaunching a better and stronger version of Avacash.Finance: safer and with new features.

We have always wanted to make the best platform for all our users, this is why we audited the Avacash.Finance contracts to offer a better and safer platform. The audits were announced recently and you can read about it on our medium here.

In that time we also worked on others things like testing the protocol on Fuji and a Bug Bounty program, making our community an important part of Avacash.Finance development.

So that is why we are relaunching now, because we wanted to release a stronger platform with different possibilities for our users that need privacy in their finances.

It is important to know that all transactions on the blockchain can be tracked just using the address of the wallet, it could get even less private if you send it to a centralized platform to get Fiat. So, for the ones that appreciate privacy in finances, Avacash.Finance offers a solution.

As we have said before, Avacash is a fork of Tornado.cash, it means Avacash have the main features of Tornado. But we wanted to improve that and make a better platform with different possibilities. That’s why we have implemented not only the same features as them but also different and new features.

🕶AVAX Anonymity Pools:

Avacash.finance offers different Anonymity Pools where you can put your funds and wait while earning, then you can withdraw on a different address with your secret note. The more you wait, the more anonymity and profit you will get.

Remember to save your secret note, this will be used to withdraw your funds*

3 Pools have been deployed:

- The 1 AVAX anonymity pool.
- The 10 AVAX anonymity pool.
- The 100 AVAX anonymity pool.

😎Anonymity Mining program:

When you deposit on any Anonymity Pool and wait, you will earn $CASH and anonymity. The more you deposit and the more you wait, the more $CASH tokens you’ll receive, without leaking any information about your deposits or withdrawals.

🪙Relayer Integration:

You don’t need to have AVAX to pay fees for an Avacash.finance withdrawal transaction, because a relayer will pay it for you. This is for the sake of your privacy, making you untraceable.


A loan that not require collateral for you to make arbitrage or collateral swap. But also important to release the potential of $CASH through a burning program attached to it. If you want to learn more about Flashloans on Avacash.Finance, read our last medium entry.


The governance token of Avacash.Finance that is important for incentivizing anonymity, so it can be acquire through the Anonymity mining program, and also buying it on Baguette.exchange..

Governance functions for $CASH are going to be about making decisions to fulfill the decentralization of Avacash. Decisions like adding new tokens to Anonymity Pools or changing parameters like the fee of Flashloans

Is always important for you to read the tokenomics.

We have the plans of adding new features and new things in general on the future and is important for that to hear our community to work together on this, so join our community👇🏼:

Website 🖥️
Telegram Official Channel ✈️
Telegram Announcements Channel 🛩️
Twitter 🐦
Reddit 🤖
Discord 🔊



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Did you know that your entire Avalanche transaction history is public by default? Avacash.Finance invest your assets in DeFi protocols with 100% anonymity!