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3 min readApr 11, 2022


Avacash.Finance relaunched the past March 31st, releasing a better and safer platform than before. To celebrate this, we made an Ask Me Anything session with Avax Daily and here is the summary.

🪙The uses of $CASH

$CASH has three main purposes: incentivize anonymity, make Avacash.Finance decentralized and share the gains of the protocol.

Through Anonymity Pools we invite people to invest their AVAX, then the protocol paid them with $CASH, incentivizing anonymity.

Also, $CASH have a burning program integrated on the smart contract of the Flashloans gas fee, so “the benefit of a holder is that CASH will increase its value in time”.

About the governance use of $CASH, Elyd said that “we want to make Avacash completely decentralized and owned by the people that use it”.

🔐Is the new Avacash.Finance safer than the version before?

“We made a lot of tests, we have a Bug Bounty program running right now, we deployed on testnet last month, and had two audits from different companies: ImmuneBytes and AuditSC” Hanuman told.

Regarding the affected users of the hack that happened in December last year, Elyd made it clear: “we are planning a compensation program for Q3”

📈How can someone invest in Avacash.Finance?

You can join the project by going to Avacash.Finance there are three different Anonymity Pools “where you can deposit your AVAX and while your AVAX is being deposited you can earn CASH tokens using the Anonymity Mining Program”, said Elyd.

“If you would like to invest without depositing, you can always go to there is a liquidity pool with AXAX/CASH tokens”.

What assets can I deposit, its only AVAX?

“We are planning to add especially stable tokens in the future, but we are expecting first to have the governance platform ready to be the community that will choose which other tokens will be added” said Elyd.

The governance platform is expected to be available for the Q2 of this year. Asked about the possibility of NFT in the future, Elyd added that: “it is the same, is not our main focus today, but if the governance will like to we will do it in the near future”.

🥸Being Anonymous, how can you get the trust of the investors

“You can trust in different ways, first the code is open source and is public on Github, there are two audits, there is a vesting smart contract that locks our tokens for two years. You can check it on our medium tokenomic article”.

🎉AMA winners🎉

To celebrate the AMA, we created a $100 prize pool to be distributed between 5 winners that asked the best questions: three were from Twitter and two from our Telegram Community:

If you want to listen to the entire AMA, here it is 😎

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