Introducing $CASH: 💸 Tokenomics 📈 for Privacy-focused Investments

We need the $CASH token to share gains 🤑:

There are different sources of gains by investing anonymously through Avacash.Finance. We can divide them in three groups:

  1. Autocompund Tokens’ yield: By depositing autocompound tokens like “Yield Yak: PGL AVAX-PNG” you will be not only receiving anonymity, but also the autocompound APY provided by platforms like YieldYak, Beefy or Benqi. This tokens are chosen by governance (see the “We need the $CASH token to make decisions” section).
  2. DeFi protocols integration’s yield: Several DeFi protocols will be introduced to invest the anonymized funds. These protocols will provide gains that will need to be distributed among the liquidity/anonymity providers.

We need the $CASH token to incentivize Anonymity:

In order to incentivize users to participate and provide anonymity and liquidity in the different anonymity pools, we are introducing the Anonymity Mining program.

We need the $CASH token to make decisions

In order to be completely decentralized and governed by its community, Avacash.Finance needs a governance token. With the $CASH tokens, users are able to participate by voting on governance proposals, adding new tokens to the anonymity pools, and changing parameters like the flashloans fees.

The $CASH governance token.

$CASH is an ERC20-compatible token with a fixed supply and 2 functions: it governs (decision making) Avacash.Finance and it shares the fees gained by the platform.

Total Supply:

There is a fixed total supply of 1,000,000 (1M) $CASH tokens.

$CASH token distribution:

  • 50% (500,000 $CASH): Anonymity Mining for Avacash.Finance’s pools — distributed halving its supply every year -.
    — 1st year: 250K to be distributed linearly
    — 2nd year: 125K to be distributed linearly
    — 3rd year: 62.5K to be distributed linearly
    — 4th…
  • 20% (200,000 $CASH): Team-controlled Treasury — unlocked linearly over 2 years — to fund the future development & research of Avacash.Finance’s Dapps.
  • 12% (120,000 $CASH): DAO Treasury — unlocked linearly over 2 years — to fund new proposals, grants or anything the DAO desires
  • 10% (100,000 $CASH): Marketing Treasury
  • 2% (20,000 $CASH): Compensation Program
  • 2% (20,000 $CASH): Bounties Treasury
  • 2% (20,000 $CASH): Early users airdrop.
  • 1% (10,000 $CASH): Community Airdrop.
  • 0,5% (5,000 $CASH): TornadoCash TORN token holders airdrop
  • 0,5% (5,000 $CASH): Sherpa token holders airdrop


  • How can I get $CASH?.
    You will be able to get $CASH by providing anonymity/liquidity on any of the anonymity pools through the Anonymity Mining Program. You will also be able to buy it in any exchange, like Pangolin.
  • Where can I buy $CASH?
    You will be able to buy it in any exchange, like Pangolin.
  • When will the $CASH token be released?
    End of October 2021.
  • Are there any staking incentives?
    Yes! Users will be incentivize to stake their tokens in order to receive the Avacash.Finance’s investments gains Also they will need to stake them in the voting contract while voting.
  • Where can I stake my $CASH?
    More info to come.
  • Is there any Private sale?
    The $CASH token will be fairly distributed among the Avacash.Finance’s users through an Anonimity Mining program and airdrops. Avacash.Finance won’t have any private sale.



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