Take part of our Bug Bounty Program 👨‍💻💰

How can you participate?

📖 Rules :

  • Send an email with the format.
  • Not exploit the vulnerability in any way, including through making it public or by obtaining a profit.
  • Do not public the bug until it’s fixed.
  • Submit only one vulnerability per submission.
  • In case we receive duplicate reports of a specific vulnerability, only the first report is eligible for a reward.
  • 5,000 USD worth of $CASH tokens (that will be bought the same day of the reward distribution) to share among bugs.
  • After the Bug Bounty program date finishes, we will publish the list of bugs and ponderate each bug, depending on its severity level weight:
    * Critical: 5
    * High: 3
    * Medium: 2
    * Low: 1
  • For example, if a person A finds a low bug, and a person B finds a critical bug, person B will receive 5 times what person A received.
  • Then, the pool will be shared among the prorated reported bugs.
  • Your alias/nickname.
  • Title.
  • Description.
  • Reproducibility steps (with images if possible).
  • Classification level.
  • Solution proposed.
  • Your wallet to send Bug Bounty rewards.

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