New audit for Avacash.Finance solved 🔰 ✅

2 min readMar 3, 2022


The objective of is to provide a high quality service, in that way we worked with Audit SC to check the smart contracts of our platform.

We are very proud that Audit SC overall result was “passed” without any critical or major issues in any audit criteria, and the minor problems are already solved. is a fork of Tornado Cash that means we were already with the same security standards, but we have plans to extend the service and provide new features, this is the reason of the audit that we are announcing today.

It´s important for us that you have confidence in our project as a safe place to invest privately, for this reason we invite you to read the audit and tell us what you think on our social media.

Remember that Avacash.Finance was the first privacy tool launched on the Avalanche Blockchain on September 10th 2021 and will continue to implement new cool and innovative features in the following months.

Currently, our project is being audited too for another company. Before march is finished, we will have two audits to guarantee the right work of our smart contracts.

Finally, we hope to launch the second version of Avacash.Finance this month too. So you must be presting atention to our last news by our social media (see our published Roadmap HERE).

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Did you know that your entire Avalanche transaction history is public by default? Avacash.Finance invest your assets in DeFi protocols with 100% anonymity!