February 2022 recap 📄📅

3 min readFeb 28, 2022


February was a great month for Avacash.Finance!

Today we will show you a monthly recap about of our last news as company, team and brand.

For us It´s very important that all our community is taking attention about our last advances.

Everything we are making is for you, for offering the best products and services as been possible.

Remember that Avacash.Finance is a fully decentralized protocol that automatically invest your assets privately in different DeFi protocols on the Avalanche Blockchain.

Avacash.Finance was the first privacy tool launched on the Avalanche Blockchain on September 10th 2021 and will continue to implement new cool and innovative features in the following months (see our published Roadmap HERE).

What was news this month?

1. 🔏Smart contracts corrections

Our team of developers finished the review of the smart contracts that allow trading on Avacash.Finance.

These last adjustments, which allow to improve the user experience, can be reviewed in our current test version.

A week ago we announced the launching of the Anonymity pools and the Anonymity Mining Program on the FUJI testnet. Check it HERE!

2. 📩 Audits sent

As you well know, Avacash.Finance is introducing some cool innovations to allow the investments of anonymized funds.

Since February, these innovations are currently being audited by well-known audit firms like Immunebytes and Audit.sc.

We will announce the results very soon. Keep attention to our news by social media.

3. 📊 Marketing team growth

Our team keeps growing! This month, we added to new members to work in the marketing area.

You can give them the welcome to @jankiel54616596 and @SeganRobel by Twitter.

Both will be attending and creating new attractive content for our social media Twitter, Medium, Telegram, and Discord.

4. 🗣 Communities growth on Social Media

This month we restarted our activity by our social media (Medium, Twitter, and Telegram), and created a new channel (Discord) to get a better communication with our community.

Although we were absent for some time from our social networks, we managed to increase our number of followers on all social networks.

Twitter: 3.116 followers (+15)
Telegram: 1.213 members (+30)
Medium: 331 followers (+5)
Discord: New channel (+7)

5. 💰 Bug bounty program

As we take very seriously the security and users experience to fulfill a complete private finance platform, we announced a Bug bounty program.

It’s focused on its smart contracts and web app for the purpose of making it a safe project for the people that are going to use our platform. That’s why we are going to reward those who find any potential error, bug, or exploit.

The period will be for 2 months starting February 24th 2022, and the reward pool will be 5,000 USD worth of $CASH tokens.

You are on time! Participate in it HERE.


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Did you know that your entire Avalanche transaction history is public by default? Avacash.Finance invest your assets in DeFi protocols with 100% anonymity!