February 2022 recap 📄📅

What was news this month?

1. 🔏Smart contracts corrections

Our team of developers finished the review of the smart contracts that allow trading on Avacash.Finance.

2. 📩 Audits sent

As you well know, Avacash.Finance is introducing some cool innovations to allow the investments of anonymized funds.

3. 📊 Marketing team growth

Our team keeps growing! This month, we added to new members to work in the marketing area.

4. 🗣 Communities growth on Social Media

This month we restarted our activity by our social media (Medium, Twitter, and Telegram), and created a new channel (Discord) to get a better communication with our community.

5. 💰 Bug bounty program

As we take very seriously the security and users experience to fulfill a complete private finance platform, we announced a Bug bounty program.

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