AvaCash.Finance, the Privacy-focused Investments protocol is live NOW!

The privace-focused investments protocol AvaCash.Finance is finally LIVE on the Avalanche Mainnet!

Check the contract addresses on our Gitbook

From now on you can use the protocol to start having privacy and anonymity. Note that early users will be eligible for an Airdrop (more details to come)!

Official Website: https://Avacash.finance

The AvaCash.Finance V1 Features

- The 10 AVAX anonymity pool.
- The 100 AVAX anonymity pool.
- The 500 AVAX anonymity pool.

2. Relayer Integration 🧞 :
With this feature, you can withdraw your funds in a completely new Avalanche address, without the need of having AVAX on it.

For increased privacy, our Avacash.Finance protocol implements a relayer that will pay the withdrawal gas fees for you.

3. Flashloans 💸 :
Avacash.Finance is the first DeFi protocol on the Avalanche Blockchain to implement Flashloans! This will give returns to the protocol users.

Flashloans allows users to borrow any available amount of assets from a designated anonymity pool with no collateral. Flash loans are useful building blocks in DeFi as they can be used for things like arbitrage, swapping collateral and self-liquidation.

How can I use AvaCash.Finance?

1. Go to https://Avacash.finance, click on “Go to App” or the “Deposit” tab

2. Select your desired amount from the anonymity pools.

3. Connect to Metamask Wallet

4. Click on “Deposit”

5. Copy the Note! This step is very important!🛑

⚠️ Keep the note in a safe place! If you loose it there is no way to recover that deposit.⚠️
6. Confirm the transaction on metamask.

Voilà, you will be investing on Avacash.Finance while anonymizing your funds.

2. Wait while Earning 🧘
In order to increase your anonymity, wait while more users add their funds in the same anonymity pool ⏰. The more you wait, the more anonymity you will get. 👥😎.

During that time, Avacash.Finance’s contracts will invest your assets, making your waiting time profitable! 💰

3. Withdraw
Whenever you want to pull out your funds, take your secret note and withdraw them to a new address.

There are 2 ways of withdrawing a note: (a) using the relayer (read above) or (b) using a wallet.

(a) Using Wallet:

1. Go to https://Avacash.Finance, click on the Withdraw tab
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2. Paste your Note.

3. Paste the address where you want the funds to be sent.

4. Select: Withdraw using Wallet

5. Connect to Metamask Wallet

6. Click Withdraw using Wallet

7. Confirm transaction

Voilà, the funds will be in the wallet you selected.

(b) Using Relayer:

1. Go to https://avacash.finance, click on the Withdraw tab
2. Paste your Note.
3. Paste the address where you want the funds to be sent.
4. Select: Withdraw using Relayer

5. Click Withdraw using a Relayer

Voilà, the funds will be in the wallet you selected.

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Did you know that your entire Avalanche transaction history is public by default? Avacash.Finance invest your assets in DeFi protocols with 100% anonymity!