A Guide for Avacash.Finance: privacy-focused investments in Avalanche

Chapter 1 — Why is privacy in DeFi so important?

Along with the promise of an uncensorable and unstoppable P2P network of payments system proposed by Bitcoin in 2009, some people were amazed by the possibility of a more discrete payment system, as we know, nowadays, most people that still use physical cash to pay do this for privacy concerns, regardless of the purposes of the payment. The main privacy problem of the way Bitcoin worked is the nature of a blockchain itself, that is, that bitcoin is intended to work as an open Ledger, for everyone to see every transaction. This intent is also what makes Blockchain such an amazing innovation, in the sense that most of the services, certificates, contracts, etc. that needed a degree of general trust, can be now archived.

Did you know that your entire Avalanche transaction history is public by default? Avacash.Finance invest your assets in DeFi protocols with 100% anonymity!